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Pinstripe Press Blog: Author and Historian Michael Aubrecht
December 25, 2006
Join me in prayer
Last week, I submitted approximately 1400 words for The Free Lance-Star, and 1700 words for CWI, in review of a wonderful book by noted Christian author Richard Williams entitled “Stonewall Jackson: The Black Man’s Friend.” No surprise, within 24 hours from the day after it went to press, our “resident cynic” posted approximately 1400 words of his own (in addition to the several thousand more over the past few months), tearing it to pieces.

To his credit, he is a good wordsmith, but I only wish that this individual spent half as much time in the pursuit of positive narrative, as he does in spouting negative criticisms.

It is actually quite depressing when you think about it... to be so empty inside, and so void of faith, that you spend all of your free-time trolling the Internet, looking for things to criticize... to spend a day as special and as Holy as Christmas Eve, formulating a lengthy dissertation solely meant to insult and discredit someone... and to be so cynical about something that you don't understand, that you obsess about it over-and-over.

I should not even be posting this response today, but I signed on to email a few Christmas wishes to some far-away friends, and was directed to our cynic’s post by an associate. So without further ado, please join me in petitioning for some spiritual guidance for our friend. He obviously has some deep-rooted issues when it comes to religious-related topics, and could probably use some divine wisdom from above.

So, instead of getting drawn into an unnecessary "war of words", let's practice what we preach, and show him a little grace and humility of our own. After all, we all could use a helping (and praying) hand from time to time. Isn't that what the spirit of this holiday season is all about? I like to think so. Have a blessed day Kevin; we’re ALL praying for you brother.

Posted by ny5/pinstripepress at 2:46 PM EST
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December 26, 2006 - 10:31 PM EST

Name: Steve H

I read his response and it does not surprise me, given the
typical tenor of his blog. What scares me is that he is influencing the thinking of impressionable individuals. I don't know why respectable Civil War bloggers would rank his site among their favorite blogs. I am not even sure that he was very happy that the casino failed at Gettysburg!
I am going to make it a point not to even read his rantings any more.

December 28, 2006 - 11:25 AM EST

Name: B Parks

Dear Sir, I have noticed that the majority of bloggers from your CW community have removed Mr. Levin’s link from their own websites and blogs. I wonder how he feels to be excommunicated by his own peers. I also find it interesting how he continues to attack the work of Mr. Williams and when comparing the two, I would like to ask him how many books has he published? How many of those books have been endorsed by Dr. Robertson? How many of those books have been made into movies? How many times has he been on television? How many seminars and symposiums has he been invited to appear as the guest of honor at? The answer is none of the above, while Mr. Williams has accomplished all of these accolades and more. The truth is that this guy is nothing more than a high school history teacher who has published a handful of articles in magazines. Not much to brag about. It is good that you are praying from him as I believe "envy" is one of the seven deadly sins. Keep up the good fight.

December 28, 2006 - 5:59 PM EST

Name: Michael Aubrecht
Home Page: http://www.pinstripepress.net

Gentlemen, thank you very much for your words of encouragement. I am sure that Richard appreciates them too. However, I really don’t want my blog to become a forum for publicly chastising another individual. After all, that would make me (us) just as “guilty” of practicing the same kind of personal criticisms that he has. Regardless of his response over on his blog (which I took to be sarcasm), there was nothing spiteful about my post. I have sincerely pledged myself to pray on his behalf in hopes that he too can someday find the same joy in his heart that we do.

This (IMO) would enable him to see things in the positive and inspirational ways that we intend them to be seen. Then he would understand that we could admire the Christian character of Stonewall Jackson in good conscience, while not advocating the practice of slavery. And that we can write about Confederate history in a positive light, while not discrediting the Union’s. I used to be a cynic too, before I became born-again, and I may have even had some of the same tendencies, so I can’t throw stones when I used to live in a “glass house” too.

December 28, 2006 - 10:38 PM EST

Name: Richard Williams
Home Page: http://www.southriverbooks.com

Regarding the impressionable, do not be discouraged. My daughter is a freshman in college and wrote a term paper based on this book. She got an A and made the Dean's List this semeater with a 4.0 average. Her professor told her it was "the best paper I have graded in a long time." She was, by the way, homeschooled from the time she was 4 years old all the way through high school. Also, my 16 year-old niece--who attends a public school in Virginia--did a book report about the book for her U.S. History class. Her teacher liked it so much that she had my niece read excerpts in front of the class, along with a very nice PowerPoint presentation. She is also the webmaster for her class's website. We all make impressions.

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